Secret Undersea City has moved!

24 Apr

The New Secret Undersea City


A random music quote for your day

8 Mar

I copied this quote (by hand – during a party) from a magazine or newspaper cut-out that had been taped to a door in some stranger’s house:

“Unfortunately a lot of the world’s great music, in the minds of a lot of people, has become a safe thing to experience. In my opinion, any great work of art is a very dangerous thing for anyone to experience, because if you’re really experiencing, let’s say, a great quartet work – the Cavatina of the Grosse Fuge, for example – you don’t know what might happen to you. Your molecules could get really bent out of shape, your whole life might take a different direction. That music has a great deal of power. It’s not safe, it’s not wallpaper music… it’s a challenge, an attempt to create musical essences. I think that about great works of art. It’s not safe. It’s not safe to go hear a Mozart symphony, not if you really listen.”
~David Harrington (the Kronos Quartet)

[bolding is mine. link is to a random Youtube performance.]

Using Google to Find Duplicate Content

26 Apr

Over a year ago, I became a regular user of the Q&A website, Quora. (Nick Manteris on Quora) My plan was to answer questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to raise awareness for my SEO blog and my freelance SEO Consulting business. Instead, I ended up answering a lot of questions about books and music and movies and music in movies and, really, all kinds of things that are not at all SEO. I tried a duplicate content experiment on my blog (that corresponds with a Quora answer) to illustrate how to use Google to find repeated content on the web. Unfortunately, the Quora question was not indexed when I left my answer and the edit on my blog never made it to the index. This is my attempt to rectify that oversight and to take advantage of another duplicate content test.

Here’s the text that I’m targeting this time: will there be a green alien with wings present at the apocalypse in 2013? Hopefully, this page will be indexed soon and the results of the test will be visible for all to see.

For those of you here to learn how to use Google to find duplicate content: just search for a unique string of text in quotes, like “spending too much time at my day job these days” <- It’s easy; just be sure to search with quotes.