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New Designs

14 Aug

…for shirts and aprons and shower curtains and skirts and coffee mugs and so much more.

Hot Blooded, YOLO Cats, Stack Sats, 2020 Fest
Twenty-Twenty Festival, MYLF, Fuck Brunch, YOLO Cats

I hope that everyone that reads this post decides to buy some bitcoin ($100 gets you $110 if you’re a first-time buyer using this link) and then, later – AFTER they’ve possibly more than doubled their money – they remember this suggestion* and return the favor by buying some of my silly designs. Let me help you to help yourself so that you can then help me. Pay it forward.

*this is merely a suggestion, definitely not investment advice. Never invest more than you can stand to lose completely. If you’re curious to learn more about bitcoin, just ask anyone you know that has ever mentioned bitcoin. If you don’t have one of these people in your life, reach out to me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

The New Way To Rate Wines: A Scoring System For Everyone

10 Dec

moved: The New Way To Rate Wines: A Scoring System For Everyone

(The New Secret Undersea City)

another change in direction

28 Oct

Okay, so I decided against using this site to update my life. Maybe somebody noticed, but I doubt it.

The new (and improved!) plan is to start sharing links to the reviews that I’ve been posting on a totally different site…a totally different site with reviews about everything, from the new items at your local convenience store to the expensive wines served in upscale restaurants…located in exotic countries. The Las Vegas Critics site is one of the reasons that this particular blog has stagnated, but Secret Undersea City will soon host links to all of the reviews I’ve been writing during the time I’ve been gone. Get ready.