Remember that song I made?

24 May

I mean – really – I think of it more like a sound collage, but whatever.

I made this on Soundtrack Pro over a decade ago with bits and pieces of copyright-free samples. And by “bits and pieces,” I mean that literally. One of my goals with this piece was not to use 100% of ANY of the samples that I used.

Unfortunately, the source files were lost before I was able to complete the mixing/mastering. (…or do something about the terrible crunchy drum loop bits that I hacked together.) I thought the entire song was gone forever and then, after about five years, I found a CD I had burned with just this song on it so I could hear what it sounded like on some car speakers.

So, nearly a decade later, I uploaded this thing to all the music streaming services. Have a listen:

Machines Versus Teh Strings by mistersplice

Trust Me, I am not Satoshi Nakamoto

20 May

I know what you’re thinking:

I just started writing on this blog again the very same day that someone (probably not Satoshi Nakamoto) moved 50 bitcoin (roughly $477,000)

While I haven’t been active in quite some time, it was 2014 when I last posted here, not 2009.

Yes, I did have a roommate that was mining bitcoin around the time that this blog was active, but – when I looked for bitcoin information online – everything I heard about bitcoin was bad: “It’s a scam,” “It’s a Ponzi scheme,” “It’s not based on anything.” Well, I foolishly believed the stuff I read on the internet and I didn’t get any bitcoin at the time.

Flash forward to 2020 and I’ve currently read all these books:

cryptocurrency books

…and I wish I had even one single bitcoin. Unfortunately, I don’t. Although – if I had invested a single dollar every time I talked to someone about bitcoin over the past few years – I might. If you’re curious: yes, I would recommend all of those books.

Anyways… just for fun, I’d like to share my very first explorations into the world of cryptocurrencies. This is a graphic of the first several investments that I made – way back in December 2017:

The first little bump is about $100 total, and then the next bump is around $200. What isn’t super clear about this graphic is that the really big tick up is right when all the cryptocurrency markets were at their peak – so I’m currently still negative from that particular investment.

Secret Undersea City Has Returned!

20 May

It’s been years since I let the Secret Undersea City domain expire, but I’m back to share my random thoughts on this blog. If you’ve somehow stumbled on these words:

Thank you for your time and attention