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Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness

25 Jan

The “perfectly calibrated recipe for maximum personal achievement” has been moved to: Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness

(The New Secret Undersea City)


what I was watching on TV last year

21 Nov

Here are some links to some of the things I’ve written about several different television shows from last year. You can read about how Fringe wants to be the new X-Files or the five best TV shows that were never given a chance. I also posted my first thoughts on Privileged, revisited Beverly Hills with the new 90210 and expressed my doubts about where Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles is headed. Also, Elizabeth compares True Blood to the Sookie Stackhouse books. There’s more, but I’ll share that later.

the freedom to choose Devo

5 Feb


It seems that some of you have discovered my set of “Top 80s” posts by searching for Devo. Maybe the recent interest has something to do with these new bits of information:

Devo recorded a new song titled “Watch Us Work It,” which was featured in a commercial for Dell. The band has announced in a July 23, 2007, MySpace bulletin that a full length music video for the song is forthcoming. Casale said that this song was chosen from a batch of songs that the band was working on, and that also this is the closest the band has been to a new album.

In an article called Are You Not Devo? You Are Mutato, LA Weekly says that “After touring sporadically over the past decade but not releasing any new material, Devo are spending December at Mutato trying to create an album’s worth of new material and contemplating a method of dispersal in the post-record-company world.”