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The Town and Easy A

17 Sep

I got to see a couple movies this week: read my review for The Town and the review for Easy A.

…still can’t decide which one to see? The Town is entertaining (and more “real,”) but Easy A is more fun and original.


Interpol’s new self-titled album

4 Sep

Interpol has a new album that is set to be released on Tuesday, September 7.

Check out the Interpol self-titled album review on Las Vegas Critics before it comes out.

new M.I.A. album, Maya

13 Jul

Your favorite girl that flies like paper and gets high like planes has released a new album.
Read my review for the new M.I.A. album, Maya and find out if there are any good songs on it. (Here’s a hint: I don’t like the song “Paper Planes”)