Twilight Saga: Eclipse – which team are you on?

30 Jun

Vampire? Werewolf? Team Edward? Team Jacob? Team Bella? …how about some Team Storytelling?

The Twilight series is a mushy soap opera with some supernatural beings. The books were entertaining…a fun and fast read. The movies are also entertaining…just not as much as they could be. At least we aren’t stuck in Bella’s head for the movies: “I’m not good enough to be with him. He’s so beautiful, like, omg. He’s perfect. Oh, I like that other guy too. Look at his muscles. I suck so much. I don’t deserve either of them.” would get really, really old after a couple hours. Eclipse is the best of the bunch so far, but New Moon was kind of terrible, so that’s not saying too much.

Read my Twilight Saga: Eclipse review and tell me what you think about the new entry in everyone’s favorite feminist pro-polyamory non-sexual fantasy romance tale with supernatural elements.

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