more Tower Defense flash games

8 Feb

If the hits on my post about Onslaught 2 are correct, then a decent number of you have apparently been letting flash games eat away your time. Here are a few more that have kept me occupied for way longer than I should have let them.

Budapest Defenders:

Molotov cocktails, machine guns, snipers and roadblocks with enemies coming from multiple directions. I just wish the graphics were as slick as the intro page.

Turret Tyranny:

Freeze guns, obstacles that block your shots and evil space bubbles give this one a unique twist. I never got too far on this one though.

Vector TD X:

Two different enemy paths make this one even more addicting than the original Vector TD, which I liked quite a bit. The graphics might not be for everyone, but they remind me of Tron and I dig ’em.

One Response to “more Tower Defense flash games”

  1. Amit Sunday.Sunday.Sunday.October 12, 2008 at 10:49 am #

    Hi nice game, I played it after reading your post. I kind of liked it. Thanks for sharing!

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