dragons, aliens, predators and cloverfield-flavored slusho

13 Sep

Dragon Wars | Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem | 01-18-08 (Slusho?)

dragon wars
Dragon Wars trailer
(D-Wars? …seriously?)

As a select few of you already know I am teaching myself to be a screenwriter and I have a half dozen or so scripts in various stages of production. One of those projects is a dragon story so you can imagine the shock I experienced when I saw a poster for this movie plastered on a wall in L.A. Now that I’ve seen the trailer I’m not sure what to think. It almost doesn’t seem serious, like someone said let’s replace “snakes” with “dragons” and “on a plane” with “all over the planet”…except that might even be giving the movie a compliment. This seems more like a XXX or a Fast and the Furious type “end of the world” story and that doesn’t really excite me at all.


aliens vs. predator: requiem
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Red Band (R-Rated) Trailer

Speaking of terrible movies that I hated…the first Alien vs. Predator movie seemed like it could have had some potential, but, unfortunately, Paul W.S. Anderson was involved and he makes beautifully filmed pieces of garbage that make no sense. This next installment in the franchise looks like it was lifted from the original 1989 Dark Horse comics story. The setting is Earth instead of some random colony planet and the comic is not credited, but it looks like it has a similar plot and has the correct look and feel. Plus, it has Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle Dessler from 24) in it, and even better, it’s totally violent in all the right ways. They definitely went the right direction with the rating on this one since even the trailer is age-restricted. (edit: it will also have a half-alien, half-predator creature that they’re calling a predalien. no comment.)

aliens vs. predator comic
Aliens vs. Predator TPB


and just to round the creature updates off at three:

Abrams 1-18-08
01-18-08 trailer

I’m sure everyone has already encountered the trailer for the Untitled J.J. Abrams Project codenamed “Cloverfield”, but it fits with the theme so I’m including it here. Hopefully it won’t be called Monstrous, Cloverfield or Slusho* when they finally pick a name. (edit: apparently it will be called Cloverfield because that is the military designation for the monster, which at least makes a little sense.)

Slusho: You can’t drink just six.

*Paramount apparently gave out “slusho” shirts at comic-con this year to promote the nameless film.


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