you like Harry Potter, right?

26 Apr

The international trailer was released a few days ago, but the quality was kinda ‘eh’ so I didn’t mention it. Now there’s a domestic version in HD (with only a couple added bits) and a poster:

harry potter and the order of the phoenix
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD trailer

I really didn’t care for the first movie because it seemed like the adaptation to the screen somehow drained the magic from the story…and the second film wasn’t much better. Because of Alfonso Cuarón (and the time-travel!) the third installment has been my favorite so far…the dark tone and the look of the film really worked for me. And even though it seemed like half of the story was left out of the fourth movie I still liked that one okay.

The progression was much different in the books…each new story was better and they seemed to get more intricate…the high mark being the fourth one. The Order of the Phoenix was slightly disappointing to me in written form, but I was expecting quite a bit. Now the movie is almost here and this new director seems to have appeared from nowhere, but it looks like he might provide a fun ride. I really wish there wasn’t a clam* in the trailer though.


(edit: a small update with my ratings of all the Potter movies and books.)




*a joke that has outlived its shelf-life. (It’s the third example in the explanation on this page.)


One Response to “you like Harry Potter, right?”

  1. Dee Thursday.Thursday.Thursday.May 17, 2007 at 4:25 am #

    We love Harry Potter!

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