Live Free or: Die Hard 4.0

12 Apr

live free or die hard
Live Free or Die Hard US trailer

I have to admit that I wasn’t really at all interested in another Die Hard movie…especially when I heard it was going to be called Live Free or Die Hard. The first one was good for what it was and possibly even important as far as movies are concerned, but the second one didn’t do anything for me. The third one was probably better than the original based on what I can remember, but it wasn’t so completely awesome that I felt like they needed to get to work on a fourth movie. Now I’ve seen four different trailers and it looks like Die Hard 4.0 (the international title) will be a fun ride…if Justin Long doesn’t drive me absolutely crazy, which really might happen because I’m already not diggin’ his character. And the scene with the three cars has replaced the scene from Mission Impossible 3 (where Cruise gets slammed into the car from the missile explosion) as the coolest action bit I’ve seen in a while.

die hard 4.0 poster
Die Hard 4.0 UK trailer


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