24 Mar

Stardust: official trailer | Stardust: casino implosion

Claire Danes and Charlie Cox in Stardust
exclusive HD trailer for Stardust

Stardust trailers on

Stardust might very well be my favorite Neil Gaiman (text-only) book (I’ve not yet read Anansi Boys or Coraline) and I was originally excited that they were going to make it into a movie. That excitement has faded…from what I’ve seen so far it looks like the magic will be drained from the story in much the same way that I felt like it was drained from the first Harry Potter movie. I also don’t understand why they’re using some of the bigger names in the cast. I’ve never really cared for Michelle Pfeiffer (even in a catsuit!) and I can’t imagine that Robert DeNiro was very cost effective, but I guess I’m okay with Angela Chase Claire Danes and Rupert Everett.


Stardust Hotel and Casino
Stardust Hotel and Casino

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, there was a completely different Stardust that lasted from July 2, 1958 until March 13, 2007, when it was imploded. I might be biased, but has a complete video of the implosion and I think it’s the best one that I’ve seen. The actual event was way more amazing than the video could capture (the entire fireworks segment was like one huge finale) and you really just have to be there to feel the explosions, but click through for the next best thing.

Coincidentally, in the movie Casino, Robert Deniro portrayed the head of the Stardust, but the name of the casino was changed to “Tangiers” for the film. (We know it was really the Stardust though, don’t we?)


5 Responses to “Stardust”

  1. ex Saturday.Saturday.Saturday.March 24, 2007 at 7:21 am #

    um, you don’t think Michelle Pfeiffer looked great in the trailer? you didnt even like her as Catwoman? yet youre okay with that boring slut Claire Danes?

    enough said.

  2. mistersplice Saturday.Saturday.Saturday.March 24, 2007 at 12:55 pm #

    enough said? I don’t think so.

    No. I don’t think Michelle Pfeiffer looked great in the trailer. (I will say that she looks better than the average almost-50-year-old, but that doesn’t make me like her.) She does nothing for me and she never has. Not even as Catwoman.
    And I’ve only seen a few Claire Danes movies, but she’s never seemed boring to me…or slutty. I’m glad I provoked such a strong response though.

    Aren’t opinions great?

  3. ex Saturday.Saturday.Saturday.March 24, 2007 at 1:43 pm #

    well I was talking about Pfeiffer’s acting. I understand about her looks, but I think she’s a great actress. and Claire Danes bores me to tears, and she is a slut, just ask Mary Louise Parker :-)

  4. mistersplice Saturday.Saturday.Saturday.March 24, 2007 at 4:01 pm #

    Tthere’s no question that Pfeiffer’s more skilled as an actress, but then again, she’s more experienced as well :P
    The thing is, for me, I’m just not interested…and a key component of movie stars is a desire to watch them (or to want to sleep with them or get drunk with them) and really, I’d rather watch just about anyone.

    Mary Louise Parker is my kind of movie star though. in every way possible.


  1. While Las Vegas Sleeps... - Saturday.Saturday.Saturday.March 24, 2007

    Our Stardust Hotel and Casino Implosion Video Rocks!

    The Stardust Hotel was imploded while I was out of the country in Europe, but Splice was able to get my camera and get out there in the middle of the night to shoot it from a good vantage point.

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