some posters and some info

24 Mar

the Golden Compass | Next | Day Watch | Raving | Battlestar Galactica


the golden compass

new poster: I’m kinda ‘eh’ about it.


next poster

new poster: I’m now concerned that this movie might not be good after all.



Day Watch trailer: Night Watch was stylish enough that I want to see this installment, but they better bring it. That’s all I’m saying.


julia stiles and zooey deschanel

Raving trailer: Julia Stiles has written and directed a short film starring Zooey Deschanel that will premiere on the Sundance Channel on Tuesday, May 8th 2007.


battlestar galactica

Sci-Fi has picked up Battlestar Galactica for a full 22 episodes, instead of the previously reported 13. Also, the two-hour (apparently no longer Direct-to-Video) film will air in the fall, helping fans get through the wait between seasons. I’m sure it will also be released on DVD though.


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