Gatchaman update

24 Mar

Gatchaman | Battle of the Planets | G-Force

Here are my 2 favorite pieces of production art from the new Gatchaman movie:gatchaman
yummy sci-fi outer space goodness.

I hope those walker things in the distance don’t look anything like AT-ATs.

Ain’t it Cool News has more to say about it than me…and they’ve got more pictures. I would, however, like to point one thing out: Tom Gray (the producer) said, “Yeah, and this is one we’re going PG-13 definitely. This is our – we put it on the pants on this one. This is going to be a very interesting film and even maybe pushing R.” …so that means it’s going to be a heavy PG-13 at the very least, but I’m hoping it means they might even go for an R rating. Because that would be very, very cool.


One Response to “Gatchaman update”

  1. Brian Thames Saturday.Saturday.Saturday.July 11, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    I am really excited to hear they have a teaser trailer on Youtube for Gatchaman. I grew up watching several “americanized” anime shows in the Atlanta area. G-force (as the team was called), Robotech (which I am excited to hear this is show is being made into a live-action movie with Toby Mcguire as Rick Hunter), Starblazers (anyone out there remember that one?), and of course Speed Racer (…yeah).

    Gatchaman is going to rock. I am thrilled these shows are finally becoming movies on the big screen! Cowboy Bebop will be in production in late 2010 and Stephen Spielberg bought the rights to Ghost in the Shell! Here’s to hoping none of these beloved shows-turned-movies get ruined! Anyone out there seen Blood: The Last Vampire?

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