new things in the film realm

20 Mar

28 weeks | pirates | invisible | first snow


new poster:
28 weeks later poster
28 Weeks Later
It will be difficult to top the first one, but I think it will be worth watching. The first trailer is supposed to be attached to The Hills Have Eyes 2.


new trailer:
johnny depp as captain jack sparrow
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

I’m one of the few that liked the second film and I feel confident that they will make this one work. At the very least it should be fun.


new featurette:
the invisible featurette
the Invisible

Here’s what Goyer says about The Flash project he’s working on: “We’re going to go into the ‘Speed Force’ and a lot of the cosmic aspects of the character from the more recent past, trust me, we’re going to do a lot more than have the Flash run on water and create vortexes. I have a guy from M.I.T. helping me with all of this. We’re going to be playing with relativity, Doppler effects and all kinds of things like that. Audiences will be amazed.”


new trailer:
guy pearce piper perabo first snow
First Snow

This looks like it could be neat. The writers are attached to the new Iron Man movie and Children of Men so it’s got potential. And Guy Pearce has a pretty good record (about 75% good) based on the films I’ve seen.


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