Top 80s LPs of all time (according to Jimi)

17 Mar

This list is from a good friend of mine. I’m borrowing it because of the lack of music on this blog. I’m not into the music of the 80s so much (or at least not the stuff most people think of…maybe one day I’ll make my 80s list), but since I really like 3 of the albums here I decided to re-share:

because none of you asked for it

here are my top 80s lps of all time

thompson twins - into the gap
10. thompson twins – into the gap


Innocence Mission
9. innocence mission – innocence mission


The English Beat - I Just Cant Stop It
8. the english beat – pick one, they all rule


Sundays - reading writing arithmetic
7. the sundays – reading writing and arithmetic

(technically 1990, but the first single was released in 1989. besides…one might argue that the nineties didn’t start until 1991.)


the alarm - eye of the hurricane
6. the alarm – eye of the hurricane


sting - ...nothing like the sun
5. sting – nothing like the sun


Tears for Fears - Songs from the Big Chair
4. tears for fears – songs from the big chair


Howard Jones - Humans Lib
3. howard jones – humans lib


U2 - The Unforgettable Fire
2. u2 – unforgettable fire


Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden
1. talk talk – spirit of eden


please enlighten me with your ten faves…but when you are done talking michael jackson and culture club…check out the albums i have listed.


(continued here: Christin’s Top 80s. My “important” 80s.)


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