a few updates

14 Mar

John Waters | Singer and McQuarrie | TMNT featurette

I want to get drunk with john waters

  • I’m a big fan of John Waters, but not of the movies he makes. The only film of his that I’ve seen is Cecil B. Demented and, while I loved the premise, I felt that the movie did not live up to it’s potential. You might even say the story zig’d where I would have zag’d. In fact, I didn’t know he was the director when I saw the movie…I found out later when I watched a documentary on him. That documentary made me a fan. I really like what he’s about and what he was trying to do with his earlier films…even though they’re not really my thing (sidenote: cannabis is not my thing either and I don’t smoke it, but I wouldn’t want to live in a world where it didn’t exist…I don’t even like the fact that it’s illegal.) I will say this: John Waters is absolutely one of my favorite movie stars (he says that “a movie star is someone you want to either get drunk with or have sex with” and I’d love to get drunk with him) and I wish there were more people with such unique perspectives in the world. I like people that do their own thing and push the boundaries, so I think it’s delightful that he may soon be influencing young minds through film. This is what he had to say about the children’s movie he’s planning: “It’s a terribly wonderful children’s adventure called Fruitcake. It is a children’s film. One that I’ve been working on a long time, and I’m hoping to start shooting it in the fall. It’s a very special film, and it’s one that could appeal to children that are especially creative.” I can’t wait. And maybe I’ll get around to watching some of his other movies before this one comes out.
  • Bryan Singer (X2, Superman Returns) and Christopher McQuarrie (Way of the Gun) are teaming up again for a multi-character ensemble piece set in World War II. The last time they worked together was The Usual Suspects, so you can guess how much I will be looking forward to this project. (edit 2: oh yeah…they’re saying that the next Superman movie will NOT be delayed because of this.)

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