Paprika, Next, 1408 and more Sunshine

4 Mar

Sunshine (update) | Paprika (anime) | Next (PKDick) | 1408 (King)

sunshine.New Sunshine trailers: Kaneda and MSN Exclusive sunshine.

This might be all you get for a while…apparently the US release date for this movie has been pushed back until December. (but not the UK release date…what’s up with that?)



Paprika seems to be about a detective who can enter the dreams of the people she is investigating. There’s so much potential for unbelievable and amazing imagery with a premise like this that I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be worth seeing. It looks to me like something that Michel Gondry might have created, but since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind dealt with the inner workings of the mind that’s probably to be expected.


Next movie
Next trailer

Since Next is based on a Philip K. Dick story (and I’ve liked almost everything of his that has been adapted for the big screen: Blade Runner, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, etc.) I’m hoping that it will be good. It’s about a Las Vegas showroom magician named Cris Johnson who can see a few minutes into the future.


1408 trailer

This one has been out there for a while, but I forgot to share. It’s based on a Stephen King short story, but I think it might actually be worth watching (unlike many of his other adapted works.) It’s about a horror writer that checks into hotel room #1408 because it is rumored to be haunted.

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