James Gunn has a question

21 Feb

You might be thinking “who?”, but if you’ve seen Dawn of the Dead (the remake: 77% fresh), Slither (84% fresh) , or even Scooby Doo (I liked it: bite me.) then you know him through his writing. On his mySpace blog he asks a question…and since I was wondering the exact same thing I have copied it here:

James Gunn
This is James Gunn (words in the quotes are his)

…and he has “one question for you guys –



52 million for fucking GHOST RIDER? What are you thinking? Are you all 11 year old boys? Did you not see DAREDEVIL? With what’s going on at the box office lately, I’m going to have to start reading the Goddamn LEFT BEHIND series, because the apocalypse is most certainly coming soon.



Here’s the thing, guys. The critics don’t always get things right. But when the studios don’t screen a movie for critics – especially a big budget one with a major star – it’s a pretty sure sign the movie’s a piece of shit.”


back to my thoughts:
(44% fresh) not only destroyed the core idea of the main character, but it also contained pointless, rip-off, unexplainable scenes and was genuinely one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Now why would I want to go see Ghost Rider (27% fresh) by the same director? Exactly…I wouldn’t.

…and if you people keep supporting the BAD FILMS the studios are going to keep making BAD FILMS because those are the ones making money. SMARTEN UP, PEOPLE…this is one you should have downloaded.


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