Vegas, baby. Vegas.

20 Feb

I really wanted to like the first Resident Evil movie…and I even tricked myself into believing that I liked it based on the last few minutes, but overall it really wasn’t very good. The sequel, however, was easily one of the worst films that I’ve ever encountered in all my years on this planet (even though it’s teaser trailer was also kinda cool.) So don’t get the wrong idea…I’m not recommending this film. I have no plans to see this movie and the only way I would even consider it is if it got some good reviews. I’m sharing because the first ten or fifteen seconds of this trailer could almost be an ad for Christopher’s Las Vegas blog…right before it gets all desolate and Mad Max-y with all the action and stuff. Click through for Milla being all tough and a glimpse of the mirror girl from Heroes.

milla jovovich as alice
the new Resident Evil: Extinction teaser trailer


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