TV logos

1 Feb

I’m stealing someone else’s post because I want more people to read it. You might even say that I have to get the message out.

nathan fillion
It’s entirely possible that you might recognize this guy (Nathan Fillion) from Serenity, Firefly, Slither, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (maybe) …or that one episode of Lost.


This is from his blog:

“Do you remember the days when watching Cheers, a small peacock icon would appear in the corner of your screen for a quick few seconds, then disappear? The same went for the CBS eye (or meatball, as it was affectionately referred to in the industry), and the ABC ball. Then, slowly, the icons spent more and more time on screen, until they eventually remained throughout your favorite program? There was a brief time when networks were considerate enough to make the icons semi-transparent. But now? I’m watching a wonderful documentary on the construction of Stonehenge and I’m forced to witness the realistic, spinning planet earth labelled DISCOVERY. Completely opaque? TNT? Come on! I know I’m watching TNT- I’m the one who changed the channel. Is this method of advertising proven to get more viewers? Perhaps you could take a poll and ask who is just flippin’ annoyed by it. Maybe this was cool at one time, but in this day of plasma screens and “burn in” dangers, this seems more of a reason NOT to watch your station. You offend me, you networks and cable stations. You push me to watch HBO, where the classy ad folks don’t beat me on the head with logos. But it gets worse. The Closer? I’m so happy for you and your show. I’m so glad you’re still closing. But whilst I’m watching another program altogether you force me to watch you waving a flashlight around and stepping under police tape. You are going to interrupt my entertainment for an ad about the re-run of your finale? Not even a finale- but a re-run! Comedy Central? Your station ID’s used to be funny! USA, your little “Monk adjusts the ad” was cute, but distracting. It makes me resent Monk. Is that what you want? National Geographic- I expect more from you, but you are not above broadcasting the yellow rectangle that represents the magazine. I’M LOOKING AT THAT FOSSIL, AND YOU ARE BLOCKING IT! Entertain me. Educate me. Don’t flog me. I will switch to the station that doesn’t insult me with their pushy ads. Run a commercial, be the network that says, “We won’t do that to you.” I am the consumer. I am all powerful. I am annoyed. Let 2007 be the year of the anti-logo.”

Read the original post on the blog attached to Nathan Fillion’s official MySpace page. And seriously…Let 2007 be the year of the anti-logo. [this entry has been edited.]


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