some things of interest (to me)

28 Jan

(edit 2: I will be constantly updating this page with Rotten Tomatoes links so I can see how good I am about picking movies.)

It’s been a while since I posted and it might be a while before the next new entry so this will be a monster-sized post of things that I’m looking forward to seeing. (edit: in somewhat chronological order.) Some of them are only mildly interesting to me, but there are a few that are really exciting:


Bridge to Terabithia (84% fresh)
The trailer (click and search for it) looks interesting enough and I have no expectations since I’ve not read the book. I’m hoping that I will like this one more than the Narnia film because I really like fantasy stuff and there’s not much of it in the movie realms.


the Number 23 (8% fresh – I really guessed wrong on this one) :
Coincidences can be really cool and I like Jim Carrey in serious roles. It all depends on how they put it together. (click for the trailer.)


The Astronaut Farmer (59% fresh – barely missed it.)
The tagline for the movie says it all: “If we don’t have our dreams, we have nothing.” (click for the trailer.)


Zodiac (87% fresh):

(click for trailer)
David Fincher kinda got bogged down with details in Panic Room, but hopefully he’s beyond the need for that. I’ve heard some good things and it looks really nice so far.




300 (61% fresh):

(click for trailers)
This movie looks amazing. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet do yourself a favor and click the link. It gave me the chills. (and Gerard Butler is the new Brian Blessed…just like I said.)


The Hills Have Eyes II (14% fresh…damn.)
The first one was really intense and if the second one is only half as good it will still be worth watching. [link is to my previous entry]



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (32% fresh…seriously?):

teenage mutant ninja turtles
(click for trailer)
I had some collected versions of the comic book and I really liked them. This project looks like the closest I will ever get to the turtles I know. [link to my previous entry]


Meet the Robinsons (67% fresh…so far)
This just looks like it will be fun. Plus…I just really like time travel. (click for the trailer.)



(click for trailer)
Tarantino and Rodriguez are not to be missed. And the ‘fake’ trailers between the movies seem equally cool. The gun leg is a bit much though.


[link is to my previous entry]
The sun is going out and a group of astronauts are on a mission to restart it…what’s not to like? Danny Boyle and Alex Garland too?! Icing on the cake.



Hot Fuzz:

hot fuzz.
(click for trailer)

As far as I can tell…these guys can do no wrong. All I’m saying is: they need to figure out how to create faster. [link to my previous entry]


the Invisible:

the invisible.
(click for trailer)
Goyer is on my must-see list because of Batman Begins, but I’d probably be interested in this movie even if he wasn’t attached to the project. It looks like something we haven’t already seen a hundred times.



(click for trailer)
This one probably only makes the list because I like Rear Window so, so much.


Spider-Man 3
I think it’s kinda messed up that they found Mary Jane 2 movies too late and then decided to make her into Gwen Stacy, but I’m still a huge comic geek and this movie looks like it will satisfy. Raimi’s version of the character is better than just about anyone else’s could have been. I wonder what things will be like with a completely new creative team.


28 Weeks Later… :

28 weeks later.
(click for a clip of “raw footage” from 28 Weeks Later)
This is another sequel that I’m looking forward to even though it has a new creative team. It will be difficult to follow in the footsteps of the original, but I’m hoping it will be a worthy successor.


Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
I’m one of the few people that seemed to like the second movie and I’m sure the third one will recapture the mutineers. [link to my previous entry]


2 Responses to “some things of interest (to me)”

  1. Liz Monday.Monday.Monday.January 29, 2007 at 7:45 pm #

    Some of those look pretty cool… I am kinda lazy right now at looking at all of them but… TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE?! I am amazed at this coming out in 2007. This just further illustrates my theory that toy companies purposely rerelease toys and movies that were popular years ago and now that those kids who liked those toys are having kids, the parents want their children to experience the same stuff they did when they grew up. Like.. strawberry shortcake being popular again .. and my little brother is now old enough he could have kids (EEEEK!) and he was a turtle feind.

    I want Ghostbusters to come back damnit

  2. mistersplice Wednesday.Wednesday.Wednesday.January 31, 2007 at 1:12 am #

    My little brother liked the turtles too…and I’ve always thought the way that they exploded into pop-culture was really strange.

    They’re supposedly working on a Ghostbusters game, but I’m sure that won’t be the same. I’m sure I could come up with a great story for another Ghostbusters movie though…that would be awesome.

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