The Host (Gwoemul) – US Trailer

17 Jan

I already recommended it here (and that should definitely tell you something), but now there’s a new (to me) US trailer:

The Host (Gwoemul) US Trailer

I really like monster movies, so keep that in mind when I tell you that this might be my favorite movie from the past few months. I’m also really against overhype, so go see it, but don’t expect it to be 100% great.

edit: according to IMDB the first scene is based on fact: “The event described in the beginning of Gwoemul is based on an actual event. In February 2000 in a US military facility located in the center of Seoul, US military civilian employee Mr. McFarland ordered to dispose formaldehyde into the sewer system leading to Han River despite the objection of a Korean subordinate.” Read the rest here under “trivia”.



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