effects of drugs on spiders

9 Jan

You may have heard of this already, but there seems to be some new information that’s just been brought to light. Several years ago some scientists exposed spiders to different drugs and photographed the effect that it had on their webs:

the web of the drug-free spider.


the web of a spider on caffeine.


the web of a spider on mecaline.


the web of a spider on LSD.

If you want to learn the shocking new information about the crack cocaine spider, go here.


One Response to “effects of drugs on spiders”

  1. whilevegassleeps Wednesday.Wednesday.Wednesday.January 10, 2007 at 5:33 pm #

    Interesting. The LSD spider did not make a fouled web, but, indeed, “stressed” the importance of long connections to other things with loose ties in the lateral directions – just like humans on LSD tend to do. Those expected intermediary ties are there if you look carefully. At first glance it looks like the LSD spider’s web has no lateral stability – but those silk fibers are there, as well, holding the whole thing together. This photo is like a metaphor for the effect someone’s thinking on LSD would be to an unexperienced, sober person communicating with them.. like there are logical pieces – gaps – missing.. But the fact is that you simply can’t see the connections they are making… at first. If you really look, though, they might be stressing to you something beautiful and brilliant, but something that’s from a fresh point of view you haven’t yet considered. Somewhere in all this is a wonderful picture of the lost and dying art – what the people of the 60’s referred to as – “mind expansion.”

    -=- christopher

    come visit my blog “While Las Vegas Sleeps…”

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