In Good Company [7.4/10]

9 May

This wasn’t a great film, but it works…and I think Quaid is one of the main reasons that it does. The story itself is pseudo-typical and contains a few trite moments, but I was able to overlook most of them.

“You already ordered?! Weren’t you going to wait for me?”

The daughter subplot wasn’t really needed, but Scarlett did bring something to the movie. She and Topher seemed to have good chemistry together…and Quaid worked with everyone equally well. It made the movie feel more right when the other parts were less than believable.

this is where the deleted x-rated scene starts on my bootleg DVD

It wasn’t so much “feel-good” as it was “wholesome” and while not great it was good. You probably don’t want to buy it for your collection, but it would be a good choice for a family night rental.


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