I, Robot [5.4/10]

5 May

It was a little disappointing to find out that Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics and the title of the movie are the only things that were taken from the book. It was a lot disappointing to find out what they included instead.

“Here’s the page from Asimov’s book that I think we should use for the movie.”

There were elements that could have made this an excellent movie, but it they were overtaken by the stupidity that some people apparently think we want/need in our summer entertainment. Instead of focusing on the story involving the “I did not murder him” robot we get one-liners, car chases, product placement, clichés, forced plot, unsubtle social commentary, and robot attacks. Entire scenes were created just to provide a reason for action when they just as easily could have been designed around a story of some kind. Every bit of intelligence that accidentally got into the movie was dumbed down because apparently all audiences are stupid and they only like mindless action and stupid jokes. It’s thoughtless and insulting.

And Will Smith: I know the money you made for doing this movie came in on a flatbed, but you said it yourself in Jersey Girl: “It’s not that good.” If someone paid me millions of dollars I’d want the movie to be worth the paycheck…but maybe that’s just me.

a visual representation of most Hollywood movies.

This movie would have gotten a 4 from me, but I bumped it up to 5 for the completely amazing action scene with the main robot. It was really the only part of the whole film that was worth experiencing. Hollywood will never learn if we keep reinforcing their belief that we are a stupid audience. Smarten up, people.


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