Thunderbirds [4.75/10]

22 Apr

I was never a big fan of the puppet Thunderbirds…so at least they didn’t ruin the franchise for me. It seems like they had their hearts in the right place, but it just didn’t work.

a Time Life telephone operative of the future.

They didn’t use the “fantastic machines” enough, the story was too dumbed down, and Paxton and Kingsley just didn’t seem interested. Lady Penelope and her manservant were fab, but their fight scene in the latter portion of the movie was too hokey. That goes for the car as well.

green? are you sure that’s the best color choice?

I would have doubled the Thunderbird machine action, tripled the Lady P and cut out the hokey…but that’s just me.

Sshhh: It would probably have been better [and cheaper!] with Team America-style marionettes.

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