Team America: World Police [6.3/10]

21 Apr

I can’t decide if puppets are a step up or a step down from bad animation. I love Stone and Parker’s humor, but since I’m an animation snob and can’t stand bad animation I don’t get to experience as much of it as I’d like. This will be my first good/bad breakdown.

Thunderbirds are Guh, wait…wrong review.

the good:

  • political incorrectness
  • puppet fights
  • “Damn. I missed him.”
  • 95% of the songs
  • the foreign languages
  • “You know I can’t promise that.”
  • explicit puppet action
  • drinking too much
  • “How can I make you trust me?”
  • panthers
  • acting.
  • the “F” word

the bad and the ugly:

  • some of the actor hating
  • puppet fights
  • drinking too much
  • losing direction and focus
  • repetition
  • going on for too long
  • the last part of “hit-and-miss”

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