King Arthur [5.4/10]

19 Apr

Another huge “epic” movie that takes unnecessary liberties with the source material. Like Troy, this movie was nearly unwatchable in many places. I really can’t remember which one I liked best/least.

don’t worry. she won’t let them ____ you.

It seems like this film held my attention better, but there was that whole 10 or 15 minutes of Guinevere in this one. She and the scene on the ice were the only things worth watching. And wasn’t there supposed to be a love triangle or something? I’ve unfortunately not yet read The Once and Future King, but I somehow still know about King Arthur…and I know enough to know something wasn’t quite right with this version of the Arthurian legend. Something wasn’t quite right with the ending either…I hope the other ending is better. If you decide to watch this, be sure and watch the version with the good ending.

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