Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle [7.7/10]

18 Apr

The tone and vibe of this movie is absolutely perfect for the comedy project [codename: Jetta] that I’m working on. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons I liked it so much.

Kenneth Park is aw… …some.

I don’t “take the pot” or eat White Castle burgers so it had to have been something. Neil Patrick Harris, Kenneth Park, “Crazy on You” and “those guys look like a lame version of us” were definite stand-out moments, but it was somehow more than that. It looked like a fun movie to be a part of and you know that always gets a higher score from me.

looks like fun-having to me.
This is the best way I can think to describe this movie: it’s like when you have a really great time hanging out with some people, but later when you think about it you realize that you didn’t even do anything and in retrospect it doesn’t even make sense and you think to yourself, “how could we have possibly had such a good time?” Yeah. It’s like that.

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