The Jacket [5.75/10]

8 Mar

I really wanted to like this one, but it was just too clunky and awkward. The characterization was weak and so was most everything else. Just because an actor or actress is watchable doesn’t mean that the movie is good…but it might mean that the actor or actress is a movie star.

the only way I would watch this movie again.

I’d rather not say it, but they already did this better in the Butterfly Effect. That movie got such bad reviews, but if Adrien Brody was in it instead of Ashton Kutcher I think the response would have been different.

the only reason I would watch this movie again.

And I could go on and on about the things that I had issues with in this film…but I won’t.

Did Keira completely lift the lingering glass on the lips thing that Faye Dunaway does in Bonnie and Clyde? It certainly seems that way. Not that I’m obsessed with her mouth or anything, but you have to realize that if you borrow something from the “classics” then someone* is going to notice.

*someone with a big nose. it’s not just prose and poems if you ask me.

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