Below [7.65/10]

3 Mar

I lost all hope in Twohy after the Riddick movie, so I thought this movie might suck. I gave it a chance because I read two different reviews that said it was great. Was it great? Let me mentally review:

“no dictionary.” | “I couldn’t find a dictionary either.” | “…”

I thought the atmosphere was great. The depth charge scene had a really great (and original) moment. There was a scene with a mirror that was great. And the speculation from “Weird Wally” about the cause of the malediction* was better than great.
…but I think that most of the rest of the movie was just good. It works, but there is definitely room for improvement. The “Weird Wally” character (Zach Galifianakis, who I think is great in general) seemed out of sync with the time period of the movie…mostly because of his dialogue. And the ghost-related jump scare bits were kinda bad. I think that kind of “scare” is outdated and needs to be replaced.
…but despite the bad parts this was a better than average, underrated B+ movie that never got the promotion that it should have when it was released.

*just in case you don’t have a dictionary within reach:

Pronunciation: “ma-l&-‘dik-sh&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English malediccioun, from Late Latin malediction-, maledictio, from maledicere to curse, from Latin, to speak evil of, from male badly + dicere to speak, say — more at MAL-, DICTION

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