Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

28 Feb

This one’s barely fresh. This is a great example of the Will Ferrell that I don’t usually like. The burrito scene and the yazz flute scene were both kinda good, but that should have been the comedy baseline…the entire movie should have been at least that funny.

sex panther | … | pants party | lava lamp | scotchy scotch scotch

Vaughn, Stiller and Wilson’s talents were almost completely wasted in this film, but without them the best scene [when they go shopping for new suits] wouldn’t even have existed and this movie would probably have scored a 4 or 5. The bear scene at the zoo is next best, but it’s not far above the two previously mentioned scenes.

wake up.

They also made a spin-off compiled from sub-plots and alternate takes called Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie. This “alternate film” has some of the same scenes, but the plot is completely different. Because of this…there is a good (but impossible to assemble!) movie stretched between the two versions. Anchorman‘s best scenes are so much better than the best stuff in this, but everything else in Wake Up was better than Anchorman with the best parts removed…if that makes any sense. If nothing else, I’d recommend this version so you can see what they left out.


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