Perdido Street Station – China Miéville [9/10]

25 Feb

I read a quote not too long ago that said: “You like something because, you love something despite.” I’m not sure who said it, but according to that quote I love China Miéville’s writing*.

UK covers are usually better.

He creates a beautifully dirty and decaying world without happy endings and ‘racial’ stereotypes while blending elements of science fiction, horror and fantasy. I’d call his work science fantasy [maybe dark science fantasy], but he refers to it as “weird fiction.”
…maybe I’m just weird, but this book was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Mr. Miéville.

*If I was writing a story my insect creature would have been either completely an insect [and maybe humanoid] or, at most, 10% human. The fact that he could create what is essentially a human character with an insect body for a head and not completely turn me off as reader is precisely what I mean by that.


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