Consantine [7.85/10]

21 Feb

I fully expected to hate this movie. I think I was even looking for reasons to not like it as I watched. And yet, somehow, despite Balthazar in general [and especially his first line to Constantine], I liked it. I even overlooked the giant cross/gun and the blatant anti-smoking message.

the stills from the movie show a range of color I don’t recall.

Keanu didn’t suck. He wasn’t british or blonde or based in London and I still liked it. Casting Tilda as Gabriel was a great move and deserves mention…even though I would have made her more boyish. [manlike?]

see what I mean about the color?

I probably also just lost my chance to ever be a “real” comic geek, but I guess that’s the way things go. I doubt I wanted to be one anyway.

btw: the “car coming out of nowhere” thing has definitely be done way too much [the Crying Game, Felicity(TV), Final Destination, Mean Girls, etc. etc.] and I’d be happy to never see it again…thanks.

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