Paranoia 1.0 [7.55/10]

19 Feb

I really liked the look of this film and Jeremy Sisto continues to be worth watching as an actor. Henrikson’s character seemed like a direct rip-off of Deniro’s from Brazil with maybe a bit of Robin William’s character from the Fisher King thrown in to spice things up.

mistah sisto.

I would place this movie in the same category as Dark City, Pi, Donnie Darko, the Matrix and possibly Jacob’s Ladder. Brazil, Hero and Pleasantville almost make it into that category as well. All of those movies seemed to have a secret, hidden message lurking underneath the story, beneath the plot and theme. I’m not talking about subtext. This goes beyond that…unless I’ve vastly underestimated subtext all this time. What I’m talking about seems to be a message interwoven into the films themselves that perhaps wasn’t even intentionally put there by the creators…like a message from the universe itself or something.

I like this pic.

And while I didn’t like this movie as much as most of those others, I think the underlying message is just as “important”, for lack of a better describing word. Keep in mind that I may be just a bit crazy.

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