Sideways [8.85/10]

7 Feb

If you don’t drink, particularly if you don’t drink wine, there’s a good chance you won’t like this movie as much as if you do. I liked it, but with all the hype surrounding this film I have to admit…it’s a bit overrated. That being said, I still liked it better than Million Dollar Baby. [and Alexander Payne might be one of my heroes now…even though I’ve never seen any of his other films. sshhh, don’t tell.]

“no…I’ve never heard of candyman.”

Neverdene’s review seems to reinforce my theory about non-drinkers, but I think she also had issues with [possible spoiler]the “bad” character essentially being rewarded at the end.[/spoiler] Initially I had a slight problem with that as well…but ultimately I think that was the point. Stories can be real or they can be make-believe. This one was real.

Sidenote: I watched the Independent Spirit Awards and Paul Giamatti won for “best male”. I’ve only watched the last 2 ISAs, but they seem to right some of the wrongs of the Academy [Bill Murray…I’m also talking about you.] If anyone from this movie deserved to be nominated for an oscar it was Giamatti, and I agree with Samuel Jackson who said, “you were robbed, man.”

my wine history: A friend of mine, cara (who I sometimes miss terribly), used to work in an upscale boutique and would drink wine with her coworkers quite frequently at the end of the workday. They ate lunch at fancy little expensive places and ordered their tira misu from across town because it was better. I imagine the wine they purchased was also better than most. Anyway…cara would bring home wine from her work all the time and that’s how I started drinking it. I quickly develeped a taste for wine that it doesn’t seem like I’ll ever be able to afford and I miss it terribly.

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