The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou [8.4/10]

6 Jan

I didn’t really like Rushmore. the Royal Tenenbaums was okay the first time I watched it and much better the second time. I think maybe it just took me a while to adapt to Wes Anderson’s style of humor. Well, I’ve definitely adapted…I thought this movie was…well, effing great.

“pretend you can’t see me and I’m going to stare at you.”

I wouldn’t take a chance on it if you haven’t already liked one of his other films because most of the reviews don’t seem to be so good. I thought the stop motion animals and Owen Wilson’s ‘accent’ were a bit distracting and there was one really clunky scene where it seemed like maybe he didn’t get the footage he needed, but I liked just about everything else. The scene where Zissou has the little flashback and makes a critical decision was effing brilliant. It could have ended there and I wouldn’t have been disappointed. Not one bit.

I might have ended it slightly differently and you’ll have to ask me if you’re interested in knowing what I would have changed.


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