Adaptation [9.75/10]

9 Dec

How daunting. it’s enough to make someone give up on their story about a story and the person writing the story. I’m completely serious.

I’m the one on the floor there.

After the last Kaufman movie I felt like I related to Charlie…after this one I think I’m more of a Donald. Donald before Charlie gets writer’s block. [and maybe Charlie after he gets it.]

this man knows his way around a swamp.

Anyway…this is a great movie. It’s about flowers. And Chris Cooper is excellent as a flower-hunter.


One Response to “Adaptation [9.75/10]”

  1. imtheotherdave Friday.Friday.Friday.May 11, 2007 at 7:16 am #

    One of my favourites. Why is it 0.05 less than Eternal Sunshine though?

    What a libery, ha.

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