Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [9.8/10]

4 Dec

I related to this movie even more than I expected. Joel could easily be the closest any character has ever come to being me …minus the boring parts, of course. (edit: I just watched this again [may ’07] and I dunno …maybe I am boring.) And Clementine was a character that I feel like I could have created. …would have created if I hadn’t seen her in this movie. (same edit: and it’s precisely because she’s the exact kind of girl that I want to encounter in real life.)

minus the mug on my chest (who drinks out of cups with their own picture on them anyway?) I feel like I’ve lived this exact moment a hundred times or more. (caption: may-07)

But despite the many similarities I feel that I have with Kaufman, instead of filling me with inspiration, his screenplays make me lose all hope in writing. (more of the same edit: The second exposure to this film was slightly more inspirational than the first. Maybe I’m catching up …I now have a tiny sliver of hope.)

I would never wear those shoes though. And my Clementine wouldn’t like those boots either.

(still more of the same edit: I took a bit more away from this movie on the second viewing. It resonates deeply with me.)


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