recipe for Doomsday (with posters!)

2 Feb

Neil Marshall’s simple recipe for


Doomsday poster
Should we add some High Tension to the recipe? (click for trailer)

4 cups of 28 Days Later…
2 pounds of Mad Max
5 pints of Thunderdome
2 1/2 cups of District 13
fresh squeezed official* Rhona Mitra
2 tablespoons of Running Man
3 1/2 teaspoons of Resident Evil
4 ounces of Aliens
1/2 tablespoon of Equilibrium
1 teaspoon of V for Vendetta
1 small can of No Escape
some dried Abyss
1/2 ounce of Silent Hill
a dash of 300
3 teaspoons of Gladiator
1/4 teaspoon of Ultraviolet
a dollop of Judge Dredd
a dash of Tank Girl (optional)
a sprinkle of Underworld

Mix all of the futuristic elements in one bowl and all of the apocalyptic elements in another. Slowly fold the dystopic items into the futuristic mixture and carefully combine them all into one script, being careful not to add too much wirework. Drizzle the official Rhona Mitra (see below) throughout and be sure to throw in a gratuitous ass shot. Make sure plenty of the people involved have cool accents and then give it to Neil Marshall (the guy that wrote and directed Dog Soldiers and the Descent) and hopefully it will turn out to be half as good as either of those movies.
I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad one, but I’ve never seen a trailer that reminded me of so many other things. I have faith in the writer/director based on his previous projects though, so this film’s definitely going on my to-see list. Besides…Rhona Mitra looks like a girl that I could freshly squeeze watch for way, way longer than movies ever last.

Garnish with The Transporter and add some bikers from Weird Science to taste.

Serves millions.

Rhona Mitra *is hot* in the movie Doomsday
*the official website of Rhona Mitra


Doomsday poster

Doomsday poster

Doomsday poster

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